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Yes. I love it. I’m not a good sports player. But I’ve been enjoyed sports even now. My wife and myself met throwout playing football. And a few years ago, we joined a local marathon together. Recently my son has started going to swimming club spontaneously. Sports is important for us.

Yes. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, I can’t go to shopping at store now. So I enjoy shopping online such as Amazon store etc. But sometimes I crave shopping at store, especially for buying toys. To choose someone around bunch of toys is very fun for me.

Yeah, I like to watch movies. Although I have much opportunities to read books than watching movies recently, I often enjoy it via NETFLIX and Amazon Prime.

I am not a critical person by any means, but I don’t like people who smoke. Because they scat bad smell around there. I hate the smell.

Yes. I love traveling. because I can enjoy what I can not have usually such as local foods, great nature, beautiful scene I haven’t ever had.

I like sunny day. Although sometime it’s too hot in summer, A fine day makes me relax and positive. Above all, it’s easier to go out when it’s sunny.

Yes. I have. My hobby is Pokemon Trading Card Game. Every weekend I play it with my children. That’s not only very fun but good for education for kids. My son learned Chinese character and Calculation via the card game.

I recommend to visit Gifu prefecture. There are many beautiful view in Gifu. Especially Takayama and Gujo-Hachiman are great. Even Japanese people are impressed by the scenic country viewing.

I prefer going out to stay home. Before COVID19 pandemic, I used to football stadium every weekend. To go out and meet someone is very important for me. Because new things and meeting new people inspire me.

My To-go list is always updated. Currently I want to go the place with beautiful view I haven’t ever seen. For example, Uyuni Salt Lake in Bolivia is one of the candidates. I love in with the European skyline such as Lisbon in Portugal , Dubrovnik in Croatia.


Project Manager with Love to Pokemon TCG

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